Elevating Urban Living: Luxury Apartment Planning in Barnet

High Street, Barnet, London, UK

In the heart of Chipping Barnet's conservation area, Simon Kaufman Architects has spearheaded an ingenious project, exemplifying the epitome of luxury urban living. Our detailed planning application revolves around an upward extension to a historical building, and it's poised to transform this neglected but important part of Barnet's historic High Street.

This endeavor harmoniously merges modern living with a vibrant 'employment hub' on the ground floor, which will be overseen by Barnet Council. On upper floors, this project extends the existing commercial building to create twelve exquisite apartments, thoughtfully designed to meet Nationally Described Space Standards. These apartments cater to diverse needs, ensuring that the concept of luxury living extends to residents of all backgrounds. We're fully committed to the latest Building Regulations, ensuring low energy use and a reduced carbon footprint. Sustainability is paramount, and to this end, our vision encompasses the installation of photovoltaic cells on the roof, harnessing clean energy to power the building and significantly reduce its environmental impact. Furthermore, the roof will feature bio-diverse greenplanting, contributing to the sustainable urban drainage strategy.

Beyond being an architectural spectacle, the project seeks to instill a sense of eco-responsibility, promoting harmony with the environment while offering a luxurious town centre lifestyle. Through our thoughtful planning and intricate design, we are determined to facilitate a seamless transition from vision to reality.






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