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Leading Design for Sustainable Residential, Office, Retail, and Healthcare Facilities in London and Across the UK

Welcome to Simon Kaufman Architects, a trusted source of innovative architectural solutions in London and across the United Kingdom. Our expertise lies in the creation of cutting-edge residential homes, commercial offices, retail spaces and healthcare facilities, all designed with a strong commitment to sustainability, mixed-use functionality, and outstanding aesthetics.

With more than two decades of expertise overseeing design and construction projects, Simon Kaufman Architects emphasise a contextual approach to every design, resulting in resilient developments that enhance their surroundings. Our core competencies include successful planning applications and creation of robust construction details to transform underused land into dynamic residential, commercial and mixed-use developments. 



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Why Simon Kaufman Architects

Our successful experience with major commercial developers and house builders means we are a trusted pair of hands for investment. We have frequently achieved planning permission where others failed, thanks to our considerable experience with the UK planning system and our consultative, urban design led approach.

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Architect in Barnet

Architectural Services

We enable :-

  Expert Planning Advice: Our goal is to provide expert planning advice, facilitating the approval of complex and innovative building projects without delays. 

  Financially Viable Solutions: We propose financially viable and profitable building solutions that Planning Officers find appealing, as we prioritize the enhancement of local communities

  Regulatory Compliance: We ensure strict compliance with emerging regulations, covering construction safety, fire risks, energy efficiency, accessibility, biodiversity, and other regulatory changes

  Collaborative Design: We collaborate with other specialised professionals to craft cohesive, comprehensive, and meticulously considered design solutions.

  Value-Oriented Design: Our goal is to support clients in creating designs that offer the best value, gaining approval from Local Authorities, meeting buyer expectations, and proving to be profitable investments

Comprehensive Service: As residential and mixed-use architects in Barnet, serving London and the wider UK, we offer a comprehensive service. We start with pre-construction design advice and continue until you are entirely satisfied.


 Our Services page features an in-depth examination of how each of these services can benefit you and the land you own, or your business.





Practice Specialisms

  • Place-making and Urban Enhancement: We specialise in place-making, townscape, and enhancing urban space quality to create vibrant and attractive environments
  • Mixed-Use Development: Our expertise lies in transforming commercial and industrial land into dynamic mixed-use developments that cater to both business and residential needs
  • Conservation and Community Engagement: We excel in working in conservation areas, complex town-planning scenarios, and actively engaging with communities to ensure their needs are met.
  • Diverse Residential Solutions: From new-build homes, apartments, and housing plots to a range of housing types, including luxury homes, affordable housing, rental properties, student accommodation, and elderly care facilities, we deliver tailored solutions for diverse needs
  • Innovative Design Concepts: Our approach is rooted in creative and original design concepts that prioritize context and end-user satisfaction
  • BIM & CAD Expertise: We have the capability to manage and execute complex BIM and CAD design projects across all stages of development.
  • Sustainability and Compliance: Our solutions are driven by sustainability, durability, and environmental consciousness, in alignment with evolving regulations and the demand for low-energy solutions
  • Contract Management and Inspection: We excel in JCT contract management and construction inspection to ensure smooth project execution
  • London and Beyond: Based in North London, we bring our extensive experience to nearly all Greater London boroughs, various UK regions, and even international locations




Meet Simon Kaufman: Your Experienced London Residential and Mixed-Use Architect

With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades as a London-based residential and mixed-use architect, Simon Kaufman brings a rich background of learning and collaboration with industry leaders, such as Sir Terry Farrell & Partners, AECOM, and PRP.

Simon's career includes designing for developer clients, and he has a diverse portfolio of successfully completed projects. This unique background grants him a profound insight into on-site construction needs, project viability, planning, and the critical elements that ensure the creation of well-built, low-maintenance, and enduring structures.

Backed by a team of expert professionals, our practice operates with dynamic efficiency, providing swift and professional solutions to any challenges that may arise. We take a proactive approach to project management, consistently striving to deliver high-quality design drawings supported by robust construction details.

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I worked closely with Simon over a two-year period, on a retail-led, mixed-use scheme. As an architect, he was able to successfully accommodate demanding changes in brief, whilst still presenting creative and innovative solutions, within program. On a personal level, he always came with a ‘can do attitude,' which was refreshing.

Andrew Cromwell, Ballymore Properties




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