Luxury Home Construction in Richmond

Garden Homes by the River Thames in Richmond, London, UK

Simon Kaufman took great pride in working with Sir Terry Farrell, designing and successfully delivering a collection of elegant luxury homes gracing the picturesque landscape of Richmond, situated adjacent to the serene River Thames. Embracing a conservation area and facing unique environmental and ecological considerations, this project presented the challenge of harmonising modern living with nature's delicate balance.

The key to our success, as seasoned architects in London, lies in our profound understanding of intricate planning restrictions and the art of maximizing project potential. In this case, the design innovation is prominently displayed as the homes encircle a beautifully landscaped courtyard garden, harmoniously integrating urban living with the natural world. With meticulous attention to detail and sustainability at the heart of the architectural ethos, these homes are a testament to a commitment to beauty, ecological responsibility, and the fulfillment of the most discerning client expectations








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