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Simon Kaufman Architects offers an all-encompassing design service, covering the entire project lifecycle from pre-planning to post-completion. Simon Kaufman brings invaluable experience as a distinguished residential and mixed-use architect, having left a remarkable architectural footprint in London and throughout the UK.

Our collaborative approach engages individual clients, communities, and stakeholders, ensuring the creation of profitable, aesthetically captivating, and sustainable buildings. Our mission is to enhance urban environments, creating vibrant and enjoyable places for people.








Partnering with the UK's Leading Developers and Organisations

With over two decades of experience, Simon has been a trusted collaborator with some of the UK's most esteemed organisations. Over the years his expertise has contributed to the realisation of numerous successful buildings and places


Some of these companies include: 


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 St George logo - working with Simon Kaufman Architects in  Barnet


 Groveworld logo - working with Simon Kaufman Architects in  Barnet

 Hutchinson Whampoa logo - working with Simon Kaufman Architects in  Barnet

 Higgins Homes logo - working with Simon Kaufman Architects in  Barnet

 Land Securities logo - working with Simon Kaufman Architects in  Barnet


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 Shell logo - working with Simon Kaufman Architects in  Barnet


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 Architect in  Barnet








Meet Simon Kaufman

Your Chartered RIBA Architect and Urban Designer

Simon Kaufman, a distinguished RIBA Architect and qualified urban designer, boasts a rich career spanning over two decades. His unwavering dedication to high-quality urban design and architectural precision is evident in his work.

As the driving force behind a proficient consultancy in London, Simon and his team excel in creating exceptional residential and commercial architecture. From concept design and planning to delivering expert technical specifications and construction consultancy, Simon Kaufman Architects is your partner in crafting remarkable buildings



Simon's Impressive Background

Prior to establishing his independent practice, Simon Kaufman served as a Design Director and Studio Lead, affiliating with some of the most renowned names in housing and mixed-use architecture. Notable experiences include roles at esteemed firms like Sir Terry Farrell & Partners, AECOM, and PRP.

Simon brings substantial expertise in planning, having worked in nearly every London borough and many regions within the UK. His professional journey extends internationally, with significant contributions in Europe, Asia, South Africa, and the UAE.




Exquisite Attention to Detail, Exceptional Outcomes

In addition to his accomplished design expertise, Simon has an extensive background as a client-side development and construction manager. This multifaceted experience has provided him with a profound comprehension of contractors' on-site requirements, the critical elements of financial viability, and the strategies required to achieve the construction of high-quality, low-maintenance, and enduring buildings

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Our Dynamic Team

At Simon Kaufman Architects, our team of experts is known for their proactive approach and swift, professional response to address challenges. We take a hands-on approach to project management and are committed to producing high-quality, visually captivating design drawings with robust technical details.

We take personal pride in every project we undertake, regardless of its size. Whether it's a large-scale endeavor or a smaller project, our dedication remains unwavering




Our Proven Success Record

We've consistently demonstrated a strong track record of successful planning, frequently securing permissions that others have struggled to obtain. Our approach involves proactive community and stakeholder engagement, in-depth understanding of the local environment and planning policies, and a vigilant eye on the political dynamics impacting each development site.

Our work is marked by commercial acumen, operational efficiency, and a real focus on delivering profitable returns for investors. We're also pragmatists, prioritising cost-effective, durable materials and construction details



Simon - one of the wonderful people! I used to think architects were the perfect balance of science and art – and then I met some! Simon restores faith: professional, creative and practical. Recommended!

Susan White, Private Client



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