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As an RIBA and ARB registered architect for over 20 years, Simon Kaufman has successful experience a residential architect in London, around the United Kingdom and internationally. From pre-planning to post completion, Simon Kaufman Architect’s service is comprehensive and holistic, covering all stages of a design and development project.



Who We Work With

Homeowners | Developers | Landlords | Community Groups




Our Planning Processes

We can take any project: large or small, residential, commercial or mixed-use, select the right team and bring it to fruition.

We can provide a complete service though for all project stages, or, you may require a select part – such as architectural drawings for planning, or to provide drawings for build regulations approval.





Before we put pen to paper, we’ll undertake a thorough investigation of your objectives, to gain a complete picture of the project ahead of us. This stage involves setting goals, defining the brief, and planning out the work to be done. At this stage of the process,

Our services include  

  • Project Viability and Capacity Appraisals
  • Building Condition Surveys
  • Planning Policy Review
  • Site Master-planning
  • Phasing Strategies
  • Floor Area Assessments
  • Layout & Space Planning
  • Concept Design Ideas


Planning Applications

Our speciality. We take great care in ensuring that all proposals submitted are fully optimised to pass planning, with minimal fuss. Our services for architectural design and consultation, for residential development in London, ensure that your proposal has the best chance of being approved.

Our services include  

  • Planning application design drawings (1:50 and 1:100 scale).
  • Computer Generated Design Models
  • Design & Access Statements
  • Pre-application Presentations
  • Liaison with planning officers, local councillors and stakeholders.
  • Community Consultation
  • Lead consultancy, coordinating the professional team.
  • Coordination with engineering proposals.



Building Regulations

Thanks to our careful attention to detail, we produce comprehensive technical drawings and specification for commercial and residential development in London and across the UK. We ensure that all necessary regulatory compliance is adhered to with every design we produce.

Our services include  

  • Detailed technical design drawings (1:50 and 1:20 scale).
  • CDM (Health & Safety) Compliance
  • Environmental Performance
  • Construction Materials Specification
  • Coordination and management with engineering teams.
  • UK Building Regulations Compliance
  • BREEAM/NHBC Compliance




Construction and Post-completion





Construction Information

Our guidance and expertise aren’t just yours through the planning process – we’re on-hand during construction also.

We’ll ensure that technical specifications and construction details are clearly laid out and coordinated before work on site commences. We’re also on hand in an advisory or management capacity to help manage the construction process as you require us.

Our Services Include   

  • Construction design detailed drawings (1:20 to 1:5 scale).
  • Technical specification for tender and construction.
  • JCT Contract Management
  • Inspection and advice on construction works.
  • Completion Certification




The range of our services doesn’t end once the project construction is complete, however. Our services extend beyond that, into the complete operation of your new building.

Our services include   

  • Building management liaison.
  • Sales, marketing & aftercare support.
  • Building in operation evaluation




I think your docs and drawings are brilliant! Really clear, inspiring, exciting. Thanks so much for all the work you've put into them. Real enhancements to the streetscape and town centre vitality.

Giles Harrison, Abacus Fairhomes Development



Comprehensive Architectural Services, from Design to Completion

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