Pushkinsky Apartment Complex: Elegant Design in St. Petersburg

Pushkinsky, St. Petersburg, Russia

This ambitious project involves the design of a 400-dwelling residential apartment complex located in the picturesque countryside near St. Petersburg. A dedicated multi-national team at Simon Kaufman Architects worked diligently to create a remarkable architectural design within tight deadlines and challenging constraints.

Situated in a historically protected neighborhood, the development had to adhere to strict height regulations and feature pitched roofs. Our client imposed specific economic thresholds for materials, leading to a creative approach to maintain the project's aesthetic design integrity.

The proposal goes above and beyond in terms of sustainability, with an emphasis on very high environmental and low-energy standards. We utilized deep thermal insulating blocks and triple glazing in the external walls to ensure energy efficiency.

Our detailed planning involved close collaboration with local engineering teams to address local fire safety, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural concerns. The apartment complex showcases repeating floorplans with distinctive external features, such as differently coloured bricks, which give each building a unique identity. The designs incorporate large windows, spacious balconies, generous entrance lobbies, high ceilings, and integrate commercial retail and business units on the ground floor.

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