Apartment Complex Design In St. Petersburg

Pushkinsky, St. Petersburg

This 400-dwelling design for new residential apartments, in the countryside outside St. Petersburg was designed by a large SKA team in a short time frame and with restricting constraints.

It is in a protected, historic neighbourhood with height restrictions and the requirement for pitched roofs. There were also specific economic thresholds from the client regarding materials. The proposal has very high environmental and low-energy standards, using deep thermal insulating blocks with triple glazing on the external walls. The plans were fully coordinated in detail with the local engineering teams to resolve fire, MEP and structural issues. Our repeating floorplans use differently coloured bricks to distinguish the identity of individual buildings and incorporate features such as large windows, spacious balconies, generous entrance lobbies, high ceilings and commercial units on the ground floor. We’re architects in London, but our net spreads far across the UK and internationally, wherever we are required.






Architect in  Barnet


Architect in  Barnet



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