Enhancing Community Health: Integrated Healthcare and Staff Housing in Enfield

Enfield, London, UK

We are excited to introduce our visionary plans for a new community healthcare centre, coupled with residential housing to support medical staff in Enfield, London, UK.

Project Overview:

Our proposal aims to address critical healthcare needs through:

A state-of-the-art Community Diagnostic Centre equipped with advanced scanning technology, easing the strain on hospital services.
Day case surgery facilities for local patients, providing convenient access to essential medical procedures.
A cohesive medical campus, complementing the existing Lincoln Road Medical Practice and catering to Enfield's evolving healthcare requirements.

Our redevelopment plan involves replacing obsolete structures with modern amenities:

  • A spacious 1400sqm community healthcare building, housing consultation rooms, a day case surgery unit, and diagnostic facilities.
  • Nine residential units adjacent to the medical centre, tailored to accommodate healthcare professionals and their families.

This initiative preserves employment opportunities, revitalizes the urban landscape, and delivers essential healthcare services to the community.

Community Healthcare Centre in Enfield North London with residential townhouses

Community Healthcare Centre in Enfield North London with residential townhouses




Front and rear elevations of the townhouses with materials

Mews townhouses with their own secure street entrance















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