Revitalising Ilford: Office-to-Housing Conversions in East London

Ilford, Redbridge, London, UK

Transforming Ilford's Landscape: Office-to-Housing Conversions

Our undertaking involved the meticulous conversion and extension of two underutilized 1970s office buildings in Ilford, East London. These conversions breathe new life into the structures, creating modern housing units with a mixed-use, commercial ground floor.

Both buildings have undergone extensive facelifts to enhance energy efficiency, adapt them for residential use, and boost their street appeal. Two additional floors were strategically added to maximise accommodation space, and the rear yards were reclaimed for the same purpose. The street-level frontage now boasts new display windows and inviting pedestrian entrances.

As dedicated London architects, our core mission revolves around revitalising the old, championing sustainable design, and advancing construction practices – not just in Ilford but across the UK




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