Southbury Road Redevelopment: Transforming Urban Spaces from Office to Mixed-Use

Southbury Road, Enfield, London, UK

Welcome to our visionary Southbury Road Redevelopment project in Enfield, London. At the heart of the new "Colloseum Park" neighbourhood, we're poised to revolutionise the land use - transforming what is currently an office and employment space into a dynamic mixed-use building. We are intending to create a seven-storey mixed-use building that embodies modernity, sustainability, and functionality, with residential homes seamlessly integrated above bustling commercial employment spaces on the ground and first floors. 

Currently at the outline planning permission stage, this project represents the future of urban living and working. We envision a vibrant, multi-faceted structure, with 35 exquisite apartments, perched above two floors of flexible, state-of-the-art, flexible workspaces. It's a fusion of elegance and practicality.

Notable features set our project apart. Our environmentally-conscious design includes lush green bio-diverse roofs with cutting-edge Photovoltaic cells, ensuring a sustainable, low-energy future. We've tackled complex fire escape arrangements, seamlessly integrating flats above offices and car parking. A bustling café and vibrant retail spaces grace the street corner, promising an active and engaging urban frontage.

Our flexible, lettable office space conforms to the exacting standards of the British Council of Offices (BCO) Guidance. We've harnessed the natural slope of the ground, skillfully avoiding the expense and complexity of a full basement, while still offering a semi-basement car park for building users. Cycle storage fully adheres to London Cycle Design Standards, accommodating the modern commuter's needs.

These 35 new apartments are not just living spaces; they're a commitment to quality. Every unit adheres to the Nationally Described Space Standards, London Plan, and the Building Safety Act 2022, ensuring that residents enjoy a safe and spacious living environment.

Our Southbury Road Redevelopment project stands as a testament to innovation and community development. Join us on this journey to transform urban spaces, blending form and function in a harmonious, sustainable urban tapestry. Stay tuned as we evolve from preliminary designs to a fully-fledged reality in the coming year. 


the existing building is a two storey office

illustrative 3D studies for the outline application show the mixed-use building in the local townscape

illustrative 3D drawings for the outline application show the new building in the context of the Collosseum masterplan

context sections for the outline application show the existing and proposed building in the emerging local context


illustrative schematic plans for the outline application show the general disposition of the mixed-use building

illustrative sections for the outline application show the general disposition of the mixed-use building

illustrative elevations for the outline application show the general disposition of the mixed-use building

parameter plans for the outline application define the size of the building

Parameter plans for the outline application show the new building uses














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