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Innovative Office Building in Greenwich Millennium Village

Discover the architectural excellence of the Greenwich Millenium Village office building, a shining example of innovative, eco-friendly, and versatile office spaces. Designed to ex...  more  

Unlocking Southbury Road, Enfield: Transforming Office Space into Vibrant Mixed-Use Living

Discover our vision for Southbury Road, Enfield, as we evolve an existing two-storey office into a vibrant seven-story mixed-use building. With 35 modern apartments, flexible works...  more  

Kilburn High Road Transformation: Reviving Urban Living with Green Innovation

Explore our visionary concept design for the transformation of a former retail and office building on Kilburn High Road into a vibrant mixed-use residential structure. This project...  more  

Preserving Heritage: 33 Lyonsdown Road Restoration

Witness the revival of 33 Lyonsdown Road, a historic treasure in Barnet. Discover our journey to protect its legacy and enrich our local heritage  more  

Elevating Elegance: Hill Road Studios Luxury Renovation

"Discover the art of luxury home transformation with Hill Road Studios in Westminster. We bring contemporary design and exquisite finishes to create bespoke masterpieces.  more  

Tudor Park Pavilion Restoration: A Community's Legacy Renewed

Explore the heartwarming journey of reviving Tudor Park Pavilion, a historic gem in Barnet. Together with the community, we're restoring its legacy and enriching our local heritage  more  

Mixed-Use Architectural Transformation: The Eagle at Old Street, Shoreditch

Explore Shoreditch's pioneering mixed-use tower, The Eagle. A collaborative achievement with Sir Terry Farrell, this architectural marvel combines history and modernity, offering a...  more  

Myatt's Field, Lambeth

Estate regeneration providing new private and affordable homes in Lambeth  more  

Empowering Communities: Affordable Homes at Jepson House, Hammersmith

Explore our collaborative effort to bring 28 affordable, sustainable homes to Hammersmith, redefining community living. Join us in shaping a brighter future for all  more  

Reimagining Ilford: Office-to-Home Transformations

Discover our transformative journey in Ilford, converting outdated office buildings into modern homes, while rejuvenating community spaces. Join us in crafting a sustainable future...  more